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by lawyadel on July 24, 2010

If you are searching for the best lawyers in Adelaide then you have come to the right place to find the best Lawyers in Adelaide. We have the best lawyers in Adelaide. We have a group of  legal aid lawyers who are committed to practicing in those areas of law, both criminal and civil, that have traditionally been publicly funded. The group includes those who are still studying and training as well as recently qualified barristers and solicitors.

We are different, not because of what we say but because of what we do.  We share risk with our clients through our unique costing arrangements.  Our business shares its financial success with our team and with our community.  We seek to improve by listening to our clients – and we do improve through innovation.

We share in common a strong belief in the importance of good quality representation and advice at all levels to those who could otherwise not afford it. We have chosen to commit ourselves to legally aided work despite the current lack of financial sponsorship or reward, because we want to provide a good quality public service within a justice system that does not favor the wealthy. We believe that without access to justice, there can be no justice at all.

Looking For Legal Service Adelaide?

We provide best the Legal Service Adelaide.  We also hope that our Lawyers will be a voice through which the government will be able to discern the views and concerns of the next generation of the profession. The Legal Services Commission’s concern that fewer and fewer young people are motivated to undertake legal aid work is justified – not only by virtue of the lack of financial incentive, but also and perhaps more importantly, because those of us that do undertake it find that the constant cuts and restrictions on the work we can do mean that we are forced to either work for nothing or provide a poor quality service to our clients.

But we are here because we are not giving up and turning to more profitable private sectors. Rather, we aim to voice our concerns and fight for decent access to justice so that we can provide a good quality service to all clients, irrespective of their means.

Why We Are The Best Lawyers In Adelaide?

We handle large and small matters, for clients large and small, and take instructions from those working across a wide range of operational positions. We make it our business to understand our clients’ businesses, so that our advice is always relevant and practical.

Our Lawyers Adelaide are aware that there are other well established groups that have campaigned for access to justice for many years: we do not aim to reinvent the wheel. Rather, we want to support current campaigns by adding our voice.

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