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by lawyadel on July 26, 2010

We have one of the most experienced legal teams in Adelaide and a strong reputation for service delivery. So if you are looking for a good lawyer Adelaide, come to us. We provide the best legal service Adelaide.

Like all leading law firms we are committed to providing quality legal expertise, being accessible, building strong relationships with our clients, and responding proactively to their needs.

Our Specialty For Good Lawyers Adelaide

When you need a lawyer, you need one who knows about more than just the law.

Our law firm is a part of Adelaide. We understand its business culture, its political environment, and what’s good about living here.  Our clients cover the commercial spectrum, and we can attend to both their business and personal legal needs. Sometimes they ask; sometimes we suggest. We have a group of most experienced lawyers Adelaide, and we’ve got a pretty good feel for where the State is heading.

Why Come To Us For A Good Lawyer Adelaide

If you are looking for civil lawyer, pro bono lawyer or criminal law lawyer, then contact us. Our lawyers provide strategic, tailored legal responses, not just technical advice. Beyond that, we offer three things.

The first is creativity and innovation. We take care that the services and advice we provide are relevant and practical, rather than simply technical.

The second is an integrated approach to the provision of legal services. We can provide clients with direct access to a coordinated team of lawyers with specialist expertise across the firm’s key practice areas.

The third is local knowledge. We know how the State works. We have strong interstate contacts when needed, but remain deliberately independent of formal affiliations. We believe our business starts in this State, irrespective of where it may eventually take us.

Clients come to us because they hear good things about us and they stay because we give them no reason to look elsewhere. We are honest about what we can do, transparent about what we are doing, monitor our performance against client objectives, and speak and write in plain English.

Staff comes to us for similar reasons, and we are able to offer an enviable level of expertise across a broad range of practice areas. We only employ good lawyers, but we also strive to choose people who share our vision and values.

Our partners are leaders in their areas of practice, and they are personally responsible for the development of all lawyers in Adelaide. To make that possible we give them the best professional and administrative support. Clients get the ultimate benefit of that.

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